RoSPA’s Injury Pyramid – a brief overview of unintentional injury statistics

by Carlene McAvoy, Community Safety Development Manager, RoSPA Scotland

RoSPA Scotland has released its annual injury pyramid which details the number of fatalities and hospital admissions due to unintentional injury across Scotland. 
2018/19 has seen increases in both fatalities and hospital admissions.
 Last year, 2,504 people lost their life to an unintentional injury in Scotland (up from 2,348 in 2017/18).  There were increases across the board for road, home and the workplace in comparison to 2017/18 data. However, drowning fatalities have decreased from 46 fatalities in 20017/18 to 37 last year.
Hospital admissions have increased from 58,533 in 2017/18 to 60,347 in 2018/19.
Next year’s pyramid will be of particular interest due to the impact of COVID-19 and how (if at all) this has impacted injury fatalities and admissions across the year.
You can access our injury pyramid (as well as previous years) online here.