Button batteries: Where are yours? #BatteryHunt

On Monday 27 July, the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) is launching a week-long Button Battery Treasure Hunt. The initiative forms part of the charity’s campaign to raise awareness of the risks posed by lithium coin cell batteries and how to keep children safe.

Why a Button Battery Treasure Hunt? 

Button batteries power so many things in our homes, from remote controls and gaming headsets to digital scales and thermometers, not to mention cheap toys and musical cards.

But big, powerful lithium coin cell batteries, the ones like a 5p piece, can badly hurt or even kill a small child, if they swallow one and it gets stuck in their food pipe.

While some battery compartments are secured, many batteries are easy for small children to get to. Then there are all the spares. Plus the ‘flat’ batteries we’re saving to recycle but that still have enough charge left to badly hurt a child if they swallow one.

Katrina Phillips, CAPT’s Chief Executive explains: 
“If parents don’t understand the risks posed by button batteries or where button batteries are in their homes, then they can’t keep their children safe. That’s why we’re launching our Button Battery Treasure Hunt. 

“We want to encourage parents across Scotland to hunt round their homes for button batteries – in products as well as spare and ‘flat’ batteries – so they can put them out of reach of little fingers and keep their children safe.”

Get filming
CAPT is encouraging professionals to get their mobiles out and film their own battery hunt, then share it on social media during the week of 27 July, using the hashtag #BatteryHunt.

This can either be a film of the search itself or what you found. There are full instructions on how to take part, including a poster suggesting things to look for, plus sample films made by members of CAPT’s staff team on the charity’s website.

Get sharing
For those who aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, CAPT is encouraging them to share others’ films. Simply go to CAPT’s Facebook and Twitter pages and share the films CAPT is posting during the week using #BatteryHunt.

Katrina adds: “We’ve seen a great Treasure Hunt film from Michelle McKenna from North Lanarkshire Trading Standards. We can’t wait to see yours too. Please film and share your Button Battery Treasure Hunt #BatteryHunt.”