Keeping Well At Home - a guide for older people

A guide to help older people stay healthy at home during the COVID-19 lockdown has been published by academics at The University of Manchester.
Called ‘Keeping Well At Home’, the team have been working with the Ageing Hub at Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) so the resource can reach homes across the region.
The printed booklet is specifically aimed at older people, many of whom have no access to the internet, and draws on evidence based research from the University’s Healthy Ageing Research Group.
Members of the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network gave their views to ensure the design and content were accessible and appropriate for the target audience.
“Staying at home for a long time is not easy, and for some older people it is particularly hard so it is important that we look after ourselves and each other during the lockdown,” said Jane McDermott, from the University’s Healthy Ageing Research Group.
“Finding ways of being active every day will help us feel better, it will also help our bodies be better protected for fighting infection and illness.”
The booklet is packed full of health and dietary advice, including a programme of standing and sitting strength and balance exercises.
It gives useful tips on keeping minds active, eating and drinking at home and safety.
Jane added: “Keeping our bodies and minds active has all sorts of benefits to our health, including keeping our spirits up, improving our sleep, ensuring we have a good appetite, and helping maintain our independence”.
“Doing strength and balance exercises reduces our risk of falls and fractures, whilst activities which are more aerobic can help reduce risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and some cancers”.

You can download a copy of the 'Keeping Well At Home' guide on the University of Manchester website here