Working Together to
Reduce Unintentional
Harm and Injury

The Building Safer Communities Unintentional Harm and Injury Executive Group is a collaboration of national and local partners working together to prevent and reduce unintentional harm in Scotland.

Check our Practice Exemplar Library where you can see examples of local activity which is helping to improve harm and injury outcomes for people across Scotland.

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Unintentional Harm and Injury Hub

Solutions in the Room – Learning Event 2019

This short film is a great summary of discussions from our 2019 Unintentional Harm and Injury Learning Event.  Check it out to hear what people took from the day – the energy and enthusiasm for collaboration and change is clear!
The Minister for Community Safety officially launched a number of practical tools to help us all on our journey to improve unintentional harm and injury outcomes. Check out the Measuring What Matters Evaluation Framework and Practice Exemplars from across Scotland.

What's New?

We are working to keep you updated on what’s happening and the latest news around unintentional harm and injury prevention – including announcements, articles, blogs and more.

Christmas safety

Parents warned of the dangers of buying cheap toys online

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Practice Exemplars

Learn more about how partners are adapting and creating their own interventions and approaches to help reduce unintentional harm and injury in local communities. Find out how practitioners are reducing unintentional harm and injury, reaching people in the community who we know are most at risk.

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Exemplars by Region

Scotland is a geographically diverse country. This includes rural, coastal and urban areas which face varying challenges around how they work.

Use the drop down menu to learn about new ideas and approaches, initiatives that are working well, reaching the most vulnerable and making a difference near you or elsewhere.

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1 Exemplar Available Last Update: 05 September 2022

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Exemplars by Theme

The initiatives and approaches being taken by local practitioners can be grouped into the safety theme that they focus on. Check the links below to find out more about what’s happening by theme.

Water Safety

Our natural geography in Scotland brings immense benefits and wonderful opportunities to access both freshwater and our unique coastline. We are very fortunate to live in a country which is known across the world for its natural beauty. This also brings with it greater elements of risk – particularly when our climate ensures that Scotland’s water can be surprisingly cold, even at the height of summer.  

Find out more about the work that is underway to raise awareness of safe practices around water and to prevent unintentional injuries

About Water Safety

Fire Safety

Fire has a devastating and long-lasting impact on our homes, posing a risk of significant injury and even threat to life.  It is important that we are all aware of where and how fire can occur, and the positive actions and behaviours we can adopt to prevent this.

Find out more about local initiatives taking place throughout Scotland which aim to keep us safe from Fire. 

About Fire Safety

Outdoor Safety

Scotland is known worldwide for its beautiful scenery and unique landscape.  This provides the opportunity to undertake various activities – including excellent and diverse ways to be physically active.

Find out more about local approaches are being taken to ensure we can enjoy the great outdoors safely.

About Outdoor Safety

Road Safety

Roads link communities throughout Scotland.  We use them to travel, transport goods and provide vital services.  Whether a driver, pedestrian or cyclist – it is important that we all know how to use roads safely and are aware of the potential risks they present.


Find out more about interventions that are underway throughout Scotland, targeted at making people of all ages aware of road safety. 

About Road Safety

Home Safety

Unintentional harm incidents are likely to occur at home, particularly for the very young and the very old.  Between falls, burns, poisonings and other accidents –  everyday objects and activities can become hazardous.

Find out more about the variety of initiatives in place throughout Scotland aiming to keep us safe at home.

About Home Safety

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